Wall Plaster

Eazymix wall plaster is one stop solution to all plastering needs for any kind of surface be it on red bricks, AAC blocks or even concrete surface.

Block Joint Mortor

Eazymix block joint motor is a self-curing product which is used in laying aerated lightweight blocks and fly ash bricks.

Tile Adhesive

EAZMIX tile adhesive is a polymer based product used for laying of tiles on floor and walls with high adhesion and strength.

Our Products

Eazymix are the range of Readymix plaster (RMP) and Readymix plaster modified cementitious material to help to attain perfection and better efficiency in construction activities.

Wall Plaster

Eazymix Wall Plaster is A Polymer Modified Plaster Formulated For Uses Of All Types Of Brick Wall Interior & Exterior. Eazymix Plaster Offers Trouble Free Application Besides Value Addition Due To Water Retention Properties And Adhesion Strength Which Help From Shrinkage, Non-Pop-Ups, Less Post Application Curing.

Block Joint Mortor

Eazymix Block Joint Mortar is Polymer Enriched Block Joint Mortar Formulated For Better Performance Of AAC/CLC Blocks Compare To Normal Mortars.Block Joint Mortar Gives Higher Strength With Thin Layer As Compare To Masonry Layer & Joint, It Also Reduces Possibility Of Crack Formation.

Tile Adhesive

 Eazymix Tile Adhesive is Polymer Modified Cementitious Grouts Which Enhances Better Workability, Consistency, Water Retentivity & Bond Strength.It is Suitable To Use On Concrete Surface & Wall For All Types Of Porous & Non-Porous Tiles. Due To Light Weight Perform Better Coverage.

Tile Grout

Eazynix Tile Grout is A Cement- Based Grout For Wall And Floor Tiling Works In Interior And Exterior. Sealing Your Tile And Grout is Vital To Keep Your Home In Good Health. After Installing New Tiles, Or Any New Tile Work, Thoroughly Sealing.

Crack Filler Powder

Crack Fill Powder is A Cement Based Polymer Modified Material Used For Filling Cracks On Plaster Surfaces Having Up to 5 mm Width And 5 mm Depth Cracks. It Has Good Adhesion Properties, is Non Sagging, Non Shrinking in Properties And Had Good Weathering Durability.

Water Proof Powder

Eazymix Powder Waterproof is Composed Of Waterproofing Additives , Dispersed In Inert Fine Filler. It Is An Integral Powder- Waterproofing Admixture Used For Waterproofing Of Concrete And Cement Plasters, Because It Makes Concrete Cohesive Reduces Porosity.

About Us

GAJANAN INFRA ENGINEERING PRIVATE LIMITED is a Private Limited Company Registered under the Companies Act 2013. The Company is incorporated on the 13th day of  March 2015 and having its Registered Office at Shri Gajanan Mandir Square, Nagpur  Road, Chandrapur, Maharashtra. The main object of the Company is manufacturing and trading of Dry-Mix Mortar and cement-related products.

The plan to setup 54,000 TPA (tonnes per annum) Dry mix Mortor manufacturing facilities at plot No- X2, MIDC, Mul(growth center), village – Mul, Dist- Chandrapur, Maharashtra.

We are also in Civil Construction and Water proofing Company based in Chandrapur and Expanding its services through Central India.

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We have core Expertise who have more than 20 years of Industrial Experience

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we have an expert team who have more than 20 years of industrial experience.

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Jayant mamidwar


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