Wall Plaster

EAZYMIX WALL PLASTER  is a one-stop solution to all plastering needs for any kind of surfaces be it on red bricks, AAC blocks or even concrete surface. It is a perfect homogeneous mix of river sand, cement, and special polymers as per the IS standards of plastering and in the ratio of 1: 4 (cement to sand) and will be supplied in 40 Kg laminated bags. The plaster thickness can range from 4 – 10 mm but is not limited to that, with multiple layers it can go upto 40mm without any shrinkage cracks due to added polymers which eliminate shrinkage and reduce debonding losses. This product is a great alternative for a regular site mix which is uncontrolled and randomly done without any proper supervision.

Procedure :

  • Clean Surface and make Sure there are no loose particles.
  • Pour water on the Walls for dampening it.
  • Apply slurry on the surface for improved adhesion of plaster.
  • Add recommended water quantity or as per workability and mix well.
  • Apply the plaster mix manually or spray and smoothen with steel trowel.

Block Joint Mortar

EAZYMIX BLOCK JOINT MORTAR is a self curing product which is used in laying of aerated lightweight blocks and Fly ash bricks. This product needs no water curing after applied and can be applied for 2-4 mm for superior joint and strength. It is a polymer-based mortar which increases the workability and in turn increases the efficiency of the laying method.

Procedure :

  • Mix EAZYMIX block joint mortar with the required amount
    of water.
  • Attain a homogeneous mix.
  • Allow it to react with the polymers for 10 minutes.
  • Mix it thoroughly again to make it ready for application.
  • Apply 3 to 4 mm thick mortar on top and sides.
  • Press firmly and adjust accordingly.

Tile Adhesive

EAZYMIX TILE ADHESIVE  is a polymer-based product used for laying of tiles on floor and walls with high adhesion and strength. Added benefits include water resistant qualities and elimination of hollow sounds produced by site mix mortar. This can be used for interior and exterior for tiles, granites, marbles, vitrified tiles on all surfaces like concrete, block work and plasters. Tile art, Tile on tile and swimming pools can also be done by using this mix.

Procedure :

  • Prepare the surface by cleaning and removing of loose. particles and other impurities
  • Mix the product with the required water until a homogeneous paste is attained.
  • Allow the mix to react with polymers for 5 minutes.
  • Apply the adhesive on the surface and use a notched trowel to spread it with 3-4 mm thickness.
  • Firmly apply the tiles into the bed and adjust it within 15 min of application to form a superior long-lasting bond.


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